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RTG Sheet Metal Works Corporation is a sheet metal fabricating company in the Philippines, specializing on customized sheet metal fabrication. We presently offer diverse fabrication services ranging from simple sheet metal bending, cutting and welding services to design, fabrication, construction and erection of industrial equipment and products. We now proudly have our own in house engineering and design group to better address the technical needs of our customers.

Brief History

rtg sheet metal corporationRTG Sheet Metal Works started on November of 1989, in Aurora Blvd. Pasay City, Philippines. It started out as a retail outlet selling construction supplies and providing simple sheet metal forming services.

It later on diversified into a manufacturing firm specializing in customized sheet metal forming and fabrication. It also started sub-contracting industrial projects for various companies. It has since grown and evolved into a diverse sheet metal forming company, which caters to the unique individual needs of its client companies.

Now, it boasts of its complete line of modern machineries and equipment needed to supply the ever- increasing demand of the market.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to someday be able to provide our customers with the services they need anytime and anywhere. Our services will be available to all customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by utilizing the latest developments in electronic commerce via Internet and automation technologies. This would give us unmatched and unparalleled service flexibility that will be the first of its kind in this industry. We aim to establish ourselves not only as a supplier but as a reliable business partner that delivers high quality manufactured sheet metal parts and components when needed and where needed. By providing excellent and reliable services like these, we hope to earn the recognition as one of the leading sheet metal servicing and fabrication centers of the world.
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